About Us

Renata & Pamela in Hong Kong, 2006
Renata & Pamela in Hong Kong, 2006

No Harm Done Design was created by two friends, Renata Beguin & Pamela Smith, who shared a love of animals and wanted to do something meaningful to offer an alternative to products made from real fur. Pamela stumbled upon a fabulous faux fur shop and made some throws for her home in Colorado. Renata saw them and took them home to Idaho. Everyone who saw these throws wanted to buy one… and a business was born!

Our backgrounds in management, humanitarian organizations & design (Renata), and marketing & public relations (Pamela) gave us many of the skills we needed to build our business. We are committed to designing and producing high-quality, small-production, unique products with only the very best hand-selected materials. We have been able to keep our prices reasonable because of our hands-on approach. Our name says it all: no harm to animals and no harm to your wallet.

What We Care About

Yes, we love animals. We are truly puzzled why anyone would wear real fur or use it in their home, when such luxurious and real-looking products can be made that do not involve taking the life of an animal. Renata’s dog, Promise, was featured in our first company logo.

In addition, we share a passion for women’s empowerment. Pamela co-founded the Women’s Foundation of Hong Kongand is on the boards of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado and the Fund For Women in Asia. Renata is a member of the Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation and continues to teach fundraising to not-for-profit organizations.

We both are committed to philanthropy and volunteerism that benefits animals and supports projects for women and girls. We use a significant portion of our profits to fund projects that we believe make our world a better place!

Organizations we have supported